Brief About My Life

I was Born on 1st December 1995 in the home of my grandmothers which is a place on village + Post: Goreya Gopalpur, thana: Thakurgaon, district: Thankurgaon. I heard from my kinship that in childhood, I was very naughty, looking so sweet and very clever. Although I have 3 best friends name Mostakin Rahman, Masud Rana & Poritos Roy. My younger brother is my life best friend with whom I can share any kind of opinion. Overall I am very happy with my family, friends & neighbors.


Although I changed 3 schools in my student life. But I successfully completed my Diploma in Engineering degree. And finally, I have already studied my B.s.c Engineering degree at City University.

My Life & Internet

This is an important part of my life. When I was in class nine (9) I know the name of the search engine Google but at that time I didn’t know how Google works? I can remember that first I search on Google with my name. Although I didn’t find it. After a few days, I can know that everything is found on Google. When I was in class ten (10), I was searching on Google with this SSC exam routine 2012 and I am really surprised that Google provides me my deserve result.

How start Online Journey

I was known in 2012 that it is possible to income from Google and YouTube but I don’t know how? After a long time of 2019, after getting my Diploma Degree, I was studying my career online. At that time, some of the friends help me to work at Upwork as admin support, and in the middle of 2020, I was starting to provide SEO service in Bangladesh. It’s started my online journey.


Why Choose SEO As My Passion & Profession

First, I spent two months with various types of works such as Web design, web development, Graphics design WordPress theme development, Admin supported & Search Engine Optimization. But After 2 months, I realized that SEO is the biggest online marketing and involving different kinds of works & if I learn SEO so I will know the various kind of basics & advanced level work such as Photoshop, Microsoft Office, data entry, market research, CPA, Affiliate, Blogging, YouTube marketing &, etc. For that, I decided that I will learn & take SEO as my professional. Although a large number of SEO experts in Bangladesh still working with the various marketplace, I choose SEO due to huge works are available in an online local and global area.

SEO My 3+ Year’s Carrier Summary

Beginning Time: In the beginning time, I didn’t take training form any SEO training institute in Bangladesh and outdoor but I learn a lot from the SEO expert in Bangladesh. After finishing a lot of SEO Bangla tutorial, I start to provide SEO service through Upwork. Although I completed some projects I realize that it is not possible to get success alone and finally I was so lucky that I got the opportunity to work in Latenightbirds founded by Nasir Uddin Shamim who is popular in Bangladesh as Nshamim. Shamim vai provided me the designation SEO expert.

I worked with 16+ large online business (,,, Pasajebus, Amazon Affiliates) at a time under Latenightbirds, and at that time I was doing various types of work with Mahfuj vai (SEO project manager) such as SEO audit, 15 types of back-linking, on-page factors, working process, and reporting, etc.

Mid Time: After finish my internship with Latenightbirds, I start to provide SEO service bd & internationally through Upwork, Fiver, Peopleperhour again, and passed a long time (6 months). In 2017 I joined the career it institutes as SEO Specialist in Bangladesh. Where I finished several local and international projects of various niche such as Olddhakarentacar, Motherbridedress, Giasagrada, Seniorlifeinsurance & More. Sometimes I worked as an SEO trainer in there.

Present Time: in October 2017, I joined the giant E-commerce in Bangladesh. I am working there still now and play the role of an SEO expert in Bangladesh with Mazharul Haq (senior SEO executive at FriendsITpointFriendsITpoint) also care a lot of works like SEO, SEM, GDN, Affiliate, Lounge, Hardware support, and more.